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Photo Restoration

At Fotobox, we understand the importance of preserving family memories for future generations to come. That's why we offer digital restoration services to bring life back into old photographs that have been damaged over time.

Our skilled team of designers are experts in restoring and repairing old and worn-out photographs, including those that have suffered from age, water damage, black and white coloring, and fading. Using advanced digital tools and techniques, we can fix visible cracks, tears, and other damage, ensuring that your precious memories look as good as new.

Our retouching services vary depending on the extent of the damage and the quantity of photos that need restoration. We recommend that clients bring their original photographs to our store to have them assessed in person, so we can provide an accurate quotation and discuss the restoration process in detail.

At Fotobox, we're committed to helping you preserve your family memories for generations to come. Whether you need a single photograph restored or a whole collection, our team is here to provide you with exceptional service and quality. So why wait? Bring your old photographs to Fotobox today and let us help you bring them back to life.

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In-Person Experience

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Bring in your Files and Artwork

We love to see your work in person. Bring your USB stick with your artwork files or your original paintings, prints, and more.


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Assessment and Quotation

After we have a look at your work, we will give you an estimation of price and duration of time it will take to go about completing the service.


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Select Materials for Reproduction

We carry a variety of giclée paper, canvas materials, custom framing options, and much more. Here is when you will choose the mediums that best suits your project.


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Enjoy your new work!

Congratulations! You now have your brand new artwork ready to be enjoyed!


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