Photography is a field of study that aids in the learning process of other aspects in life. One's attention to detail and meticulousness is greatly emphasized while capturing, editing, and developing photographs.
Good photographers may take numerous shots of the same subject. The reason is to ensure that every single aspect of that capture is 100% exact to what the artist (photographer) envisioned it to be, and perfection generally doesn't occur without trial & error beforehand.

A fraction of a second, the tiniest beam of sunlight to a speck of dust can make a critical difference to how an image is perceived. Whether it means the subject underexposed, out of focus or flat out distracted by something else, these miniature details need to to be addressed by a professional photographer.

In the photos above there are two captures of the exact same image. To the common eye, these images are relatively identical. However, to an editor or a pro photographer there will be a glaring difference. Look at the pinky finger on the left hand for the bottom image. There's a small beauty mark. This tiny dot can make a difference in perception in the subject of the picture. One's eyes may be geared towards looking directly at that dot as opposed to where the focus is actually supposed to be..the ring and the grasping of both hands.

With anything in life, more than what it may seem can be taken as a lesson to be applied in other areas of our everyday lives.