We’ve all been there before. A place were we wake up in the morning and have no desire to create. It may last for a week, months, or even years. It’s time to fight back and climb out of that downward spiral hole.

Now look back to the days when you first had that intense excitement and happiness from creating photographs. Only if it was that easy to bring that state back to present. But if it was that easy it wouldn’t be so great would it? Without light there would be no darkness, without sadness there would be happiness. Throughout our lives there will be down times but it’s what makes that great times so great! Finding that source of inspiration and motivation can be a fairly easy to find but keeping it going can be a whole different thing. To start off we want to help you and instil euphoria to what you love to do. To start off, here are a few great photographers that inspire myself.

Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier is one of my personal favourite photographers. American born in New York City, raised in France then later resided in Chicago working forty years as a nanny. Her photographs were never seen by the public until 2007 when a 26 year old local chicago historian and collector Maloof bought 30,000 prints and negatives from an auction that had acquired the photographs from a storage locker. Since the event Vivian Maeir’s street photographs have impacted the world.

Mitch Feignberg

Mitch Feignberg a veteran still life photographer based in Paris and New york with a large and prestigious base of clientele. He’s shot campagns for Louis Vuitton, Zegna, Tod’s, Bulgari, Mac, GQ and National Geographic. The chaotic yet simple photographs of the inanimate objects that Mitch shoots continues to push the creative bar even further with every photograph. If you like advertising and products this guy is your man.

Erik Almas

Want to get as close to Utopia as much as possible. Look into the world of Erik Almas photographs. Growing up in small city called Trondheim in Norway, Erik moved to the United States to study photography. The environment he chooses to photograph in, lighting, subjects and timing are just spectacular. Putting them together creates a near perfect image!