Fotobox, is the premier digital photo lab providing the very best in printing and output needs to the photographers and studios of Toronto and across the GTA.

A Fotobox Story

In March of 2008, I left the place of work where I spent 20 years of my life. It was a wonderful 20 years during which I had both of my sons, worked incredibly hard, went through the transition of analog to digital photography and met many people who became life long friends.

I was in my twenties when I started this career path, already with couple of entrepreneurial attempts under my belt. At this point, I was in my mid-40s wondering if I have the ability, perseverance and energy it takes to start a new business. It was always my dream to have my own business, especially in photography which I enjoyed so much since I was in my teens. However it was very scary knowing all the negative possible outcomes and without an alternative.

Am I crazy? July of 2008, with borrowed money from a line of credit and family members, Fotobox was born. During the first 6 months, the whole world was diving into recession. People were losing jobs and businesses were closing down. Some people thought I was crazy starting this kind of business at the time  (the whole photo printing industry got hit hard from the digital transition and recession). Actually, someone suggested that I should run a donut shop instead since there will be plenty of unemployed people hanging around donut shops. And, that it's recession proof. Perhaps they were right, but I could not see myself selling coffee and donuts for a living.

It's been 5 years, I'm very used to working 100+ hours per week and proud of that fact that Fotobox has survived the 5 year test where 85% of start-ups fail. I feel blessed to have the people who've supported me throughout this time and thankful to God for the strength that allowed Fotobox to be where it is today.
-Lanny Chun

But who comes to Fotobox?
Our goal is to cater to professional photographers and studios who are looking for more than simply a picture on paper. We believe there are people who expect a certain standard of quality when it comes to their client's prints. Of course, there are individuals who may not consider themselves "pro photographers" but still expect this quality with what they will hang on the living room wall or give to a family member as a gift.

So why choose Fotobox?
With our extensive expertise in the field of digital photography and printing, we ensure you will be impressed with the finished product. Fotobox is continuously looking to grow and expand it's reach so pro photographers and studios all across Canada can obtain top of the line prints. Whether it be our canvas gallery wraps, metallic enlargements, or our flushmount Fotobooks, we guarantee to give you back something that you will be pleased to have made with us. 

Where are we going from here?
The next phase of Fotobox is to become the premier digital photo lab across Canada.

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